Get Started

There are two steps to getting started.

  1. Free Consultation. We talk on the phone for 15-30 minutes to get a feel for each other, what you are interested working on, and what you think of me. We can also do this by email, if you prefer.

    This consult is free.

    This is a great way for people who aren’t sure about therapy, or about me, to get more information. If we both decide to do this, we’d then set up an initial assessment session. (Step 2, below)

  2. Initial Assessment. We set up an initial session to assess what it would look like to work together, and to begin to explore why you have decided to come to therapy. I would use this session to get a sense of you, your communities and environment, and how we might begin to address your questions.

    This would be charged at the normal per-session fee.

    Before attending this first session, I would send you a link to create an account with my electronic health record vendor (Sessions Health), where you would sign consent forms, fill out electronic intake forms, and put a credit card on file. I need these consent forms to be accepted before we can work together, in order to protect you, and also to protect me.

Ready? Let’s talk. Contact me:

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