My name is Dani. My pronouns are ey/em/eir (or they/them). I’m a social worker, and a therapist.

At Hopepunk Therapy I work primarily with queer persons to help them with mental health challenges at the unique intersections that are part of LGBTQ+ identities.

Dani (ey or they)

I specialize in issues of identity, gender, and sexuality, but I also bring a queer lens to our struggles with anxiety, depression, grief or anything that makes you less happy than you deserve to be. I work with young adults and adults, and with teens and parents.

With me, you’ll find a person who believes in your ability to be happy, and who will work with you to figure out how to get there. I’m affirming and welcoming of anyone who is reaching out for help.

At the moment I am private pay, and I see clients in person at my office in downtown Overland Park, KS, or via telehealth, but only if the client is in Kansas at the time of the appointment.

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Dani Novo, LMSW